Balik Bukid Davao


It is so conveniently satisfying that Friday’s a holiday! And so visiting a local restaurant calls for a lot of pleasure and fun with my food-buddies around to celebrate the glory of festive meals strike noon at lunch in Balik Bukid Farm Restaurant in Quimpo Boulevard Davao City.

It’s purely native in its approach, definitely in rural fashion and country home style. Twigs of woven bamboo crafts, chairs made of colorful re-utilized interlaced materials and baskets of intertwined thin bamboo skin strips hanging from the ceiling enclosing lights and bulbs highlighting this deciduous effect in situ welcomes you to the atmosphere of reminiscent farm meadows and easiness of life in a countryside.

Of course, it’s not modern, it’s completely traditional in receptivity. You can’t see flashing phones and technology of any sort inside. All you get are the smiles and gaiety entourage of customers enjoying their own share of love by exquisite Filipino cuisines.

Let’s start with my heavy salad dressing with mozzarella cheese, meat chunks and strips that its purposely vegan dressing overcrowds the carnivorous chills inside of you that I should be able to tell you its combination is desirably appropriate for my diet and with a seemingly peculiar yet tasty sauce partnered with a bowl of rice in the color of the sun! Yes, it’s yellow rice! But this one is not genetically modified, it’s added with turmeric and bell pepper cooked in butter, oh how buttery delicious it is. Have you heard of blue rice? Yep, for once I thought it was made of ice. But no it’s not and yes they prepared it for us too! Kaning Asul cooked in Blue Ternate with a dice of love and whole lot of healthy antioxidant benefits! Healthilly Wonderful!

Jenny got Chicken wings bathing in tasty barbecue sauce, and a pair of triplets in alternate -quail eggs con sliced native tomato in a cute presentation so adorable integration of spherical food porn. Jackie was served with two pairs of different sea food types Imbao Shells, Shrimps and cubes of Malasugue in creamy savoring relish, this one’s to die for. And Miranda ate a whole new approach to the very well known Biikstek smoldered with tangy delectable sauce and round slices of sweet onion rings in a bowl.

The afternoon heat had us craving for something cold and sweet. A dessert was all we need, and they too, with their homemade ice cream prepared three homemade Tablea Ice Cream scoops with chocolate syrup bounded in Tulle in a mouth-relishing explosion!

Five thumbs up for this chemical-free organically grown vegetables from their very own organic farm!

It opens 11AM to 11PM Mondays to Saturdays and 5PM to 10PM in Sundays. Its complete address is Quimpo Boulevard, Matina, Davao City.





















PS: And I’m so happy to say that all these photos are taken by me. And credits to the owner Miss Jackie with Jenny and Miranda! 😀


Crazy Wraps Davao

Well, define Crazy?
It seems like my food-buddies can undeniably discern crazy as an adjective towards food against a noun as insensible for it wasn’t surely just us being fond about trying out another food shoppe called Crazy Wraps.


This one’s not even new to Davaoeños. I used to rent a flat in the same block before its coming a year ago and long did I want to visit. This time I was with the whole company and we were up and crazy ready to find out what was in store for us all. The place was cunningly saturated to the eye. I didn’t know heavy cool hues such as violet, green and blue can be accentuated with light earthly tones of peach and varied tinct white. The owner’s synthesis should claim its architectural glory -stylish, modern and alive. Different niches of its own ambience sets your mood bringing out the best in you in every way possible.

Their food is well deserved with good compliments. A different blend of modern Filipino food wraps inside are crazily delicious comestibles. Beef, chicken, chips, and guess what? –Dinuguan with a cup of rice. A popular Pinoy stew dish made of pig’s blood, meat and chili spice. Oooohhh, crazy, right? Take it from me, it was superb, real salivating and savoring to your craving hungry stomach.

In a few minutes, a few dozens of phone apps were updated successfully in one sitting. I recommend you enjoy network socializing with friends until 1AM in here. The staff extended their own just for us, real nice and kind gestures, that’s a five point five for the service.

We came in numbers and the peaceful midnight turned into a fiesta of sweet palaver and humble gossip. We were all abuzz here and there and every where each one perambulated every huddle in four different boundaries. Fervently delighted we owned the shop thinking the night was still young. We offered silence no chance to interrupt our own sweet time, and we liked every minute of our freedom.

It’s located at Tionko Avenue near Torres Street, Davao City Davao del Sur. It’s open 8AM to 1AM Mondays to Saturdays, and Sundays, it’s open around 11AM until midnight.

PS. These photos are mine and I didn’t want to lose all the fun taking too much time capturing moments of fun without me in it, so, these aren’t the best yet I still hope you will find it satisfying. 😀







A Plead; My Trepidation


I have lots of words to say to speak and to write
I want to go out and shout it all to the heavens above
I want to let Him know how hard it is to live without the willingness to survive
without the will to continue another minute of your life.
I want Him to know that I’m having a hard time breathing;
it’s difficult to come in terms with my everyday living.
This is too much to bear in me; inside it’s hurting like a halted bomb,
yet can not be restrained from exploding, for there is a threat of dying once you explode: that you may lose all your loved ones, once you go for the chance of letting go.
That you can’t control what may happen of what tomorrow will be like without you -leaving your family behind. It’s excruciating; inside it’s deeply hurting, It’s something not others can withstand, it’s something only you can experience, only you was given, only you have to deal with.
It may seem unfair but you hope that somebody understands. That someday you’ll find someone who can actually be with you. Someone or some people whom you can truly trust and care at the same time. Who can see through your feelings; the suffering; that genuine pain.
How easy it is to be others, what about me?
Can they be me?


This is the day
I fear the most
When I feel no love
no care, nothing,
nothing at all.
That my brother asked me
to meet my family,
sleep with them, again
since me leaving the nest.
All one in a single roof
Like what we used to, before.
Before when everything was okay
Before when life wasn’t that bad
Before when we were still fine,
Before when my father was still alive.
But now I fear that I doubt my love;
that I doubt myself, If I truly care
Has society eaten too much of me?
Where is that piece of me that was exciting?
That was motivating? Always happy?
Where was that me?
Now, see what I have become,
will I ever find peace?
Will I survive the torment of life?
How will I continue?
From here and now?

Seoulmate Cafe Davao


It was a good friend of mine, not even my food-buddies introduced Seoulmate to me, and despairingly I could remember –Seoul?! As in like sa Korea? YEEHHEEESSSHHHH… with a little bit of exasperation left from the core in tolerance of my innocent act she had. Seoulmate Cafe, it’s about to open and we should be there.


And it was Sunday evening around 11:00 PM, I was on my way to grab some burger & fries for a midnight snack and strangely quiet it may seem but yet as always that JP Laurel Avenue fronting Jollibee Bajada was indifferently surprising tonight and the newly opened Seoulmate Cafe was shining vibrantly over my belittled entity. Ah! This is what she was talking about. But I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun of a newly opened haven of food and beverage alone.

So here comes payday and Monday it was too, we decided to visit the Korean Cafe. Despite being given half an hour before they close at midnight, the staff in-adamantly welcomed our piqued curiosity for additional food porn photos for our beloved Instagram and Facebook. No extra embellishments, no living flora, no noisy sleaze; a small haven of modern Korean architecture of radiant alabaster of the greater part and spotless in sensation it was this element that made me like Seoulmate Cafe more.

Wi-Fi is almost at First-World speed, service is at its best quality. It’s paradoxical enough to stare at the cafe’s internal design that it’s actually small and big at the same time. The feeling of comfort-ability was one11162065_702264293253065_1046820136017846547_o thing to look on, and the cozy obeisance of the night folded well with the cafe’s undeniably peculiar retreat. To those who love to feel at home while slurping smoothies or cuppas you can always escape to this nice blend of eccentric small sectional sofa beds with tables on top: your own publicly territorial nook of rest and comfort.

I asked for a simple Ham and Cheese with fries, and it was delightfully tasty for a considerable price. The best thing they can boast of was their Mint Icecinno Beverage -on top of its mug glass filled smoothie was Cotton Candy, wrapping cloud-like its thick straw considering the sweetness of its complementary flavors -something like you can luxuriate every time with your frequent card. Yes, they’re giving away free frequent cards where you get stamps every time you visit the place and soon to be rewarded with a mug of love on your fifteenth.

Beverages are here and everywhere -from espressos to smoothies, coffees and teas. Western and Filipino dishes are also available as shown through the photos below.

10376313_1067601313268720_7406350596173116295_n  11414548_1063148073714044_1795246487_n






The cafe opens 10AM and closes 12AM Mondays to Sundays. It’s complete location address is J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, Davao del Sur fronting Jollibee Bajada beside D’Leonor Hotel Complex.

Seoulmate Cafe keeps you updated with the latest trends of Coffee Bars and Cafe in the Philippines, it’s a pleasure to be one of the first to visit the newly opened refuge for drinks-lover like me, and Korean fanatics too. I’m not one for sure but this started on me liking Korea this time. How adorably enticing it is go back for another meal of good food and Korean dining treat.

Food: 5.0
Price: 4.5
Place: 5.0
Service: 5.0

Overall Rating: Excellent

Thy Morning

I wake up seeing a beautiful blessing
Thy morning
Sweet damp puddle mirrors the thin blue skies from above,
stars of diamonds shine as the light touches the soft ground
Oh cold wind caresses the little warmth I have,
a weary soul
As I look at the horizon,
I see a promise of forever
Beaming lines of playful sunshine dancing on my skin
And I look up above
There’s the mighty sun hiding from patches of overshadowed green,
the leaves of a proud Talisay standing majestic and strong.
Then again, the wind breezes mobility opening the full bask of the welcoming sun
I closed my eyes and for a split second there was heaven
Air filled my lungs
My thoughts vanished
Memoirs from the past broke my face into a smile
Birds started singing, dogs lazying, fairy-like insects swarm here and there,
signaling my cue to move forward
I opened my eyes and stillness overpowered
I wished for time to stop
And prayed for eternity to come
So I proceed with life,
and hope that it may be so kind to bless me with content and tranquility like my stolen heaven just now
I see a promising future ahead and expect of an unknowing tomorrow
that it may not cease to provide knowledge, hope and love
A love that lasts forever and ever

A Moment With Anxiety


Recently, something terrible happened. A situation that no one will and would ever want for their loved one to suffer. And the only thing you would want to do is to know what’s happening, what happened, how is your loved one doing? I’ve always thought before why do people have to research and execute activities to gain knowledge and information about this world? What is all the complication for? They say it was for improvement towards success and for the overall growth of humanity. But one answer I have now is, is for us to feel assured that nothing bad will happen in the future. That everything is going to be okay, as long as we know. As I fondled with my own initiative to answer why such occurrence happens, the internet has provided me the assurance that my relatives has not given me since they weren’t able to communicate with me for unknown reasons earlier. Maybe they were so busy. But then later they explained that they all forgot their phones back at home, they were all at the Hospital now. And as for me, now for the time being, I searched for probable explanation of the situation, I read the explanation on my own, every word subtracted whatever anxiety I had towards every nervousness my own thoughts procreates. I was just  in the verge of full anxiety that my chest started to hurt, I feel like my muscles are crippling every fiber of connected tissue in my breast. Yet the words my thoughts processed as my sight jumped from one word to another, processing every information it connects me to assurance -it eases the tension encircling  inside of me. My heartbeat started to slow, my composure was easing back. The information I currently rely on makes me feel so safe and secured. The more you understand, that guarantees you confidence for the moment. Until you get the news firsthand and I was thankful to God everything was okay. Once my sister text me everything was fine now, I was fully aware that everything’s going to be okay. At least for now. Further tests are to be made by tomorrow. As we talked I couldn’t help it but cry. I’ve lost someone, we, my family lost someone so dear that everything changed. And I can’t afford another for now. I just can’t. So we do learn as we experience things, and sometimes we feel assured as we do.