Okay, so I really don’t know how to start this. I mean, hearsay as it is that blogging comes with money nowadays, really? Well, how?

Actually, I’m not into the bucks and greens. I’m here to write something about how I think of how I should live my life. If you disagree, well, can you point me someone who knows how to live life?

Well, that’s what I’ve thought so too. Anyway, eight unproductive years ago I’ve seen this novice blogger linked from a friend’s friendster account and I’ve gone fancy about it since the blogger wrote on things about his life and I, as a natural human being, was envious to try one.

But then again, I was poor. My parents were too, so I never got the luxury to come back home from school and flip-open a laptop nor press an AVR to discover the realms beyond the Internet. I only got to ask for a few pennies and travel downtown then rent a computer from a Net Cafe in order to use one and be frenzied by the Net, the scams, the “You’ve won blah blah blah” and everything under almost anything at all. As it usually goes here on developing countries.

Like friendster (may it rest in peace), I would have wanted a blog that can be customized to your heart’s content. Change the layout, background, color, text colors, add photos and everything else you can experiment in and out and poof you are then happy!

I never had the problem with how to comprehend how the Internet works, you just go ahead and click whatever you can and as long as the monitor didn’t shut out or turned black then I guess I’m doing it all just perfectly fine.

Now, life came in between from then and now, I got busy for a few years and but now, oh no, you’re wrong, I’m not filthy rich, but the thing is at least now, I have the luxury to fulfill my long lost broken dreams of yesterdays (puke): to create my own blog and hope that the world doesn’t end tomorrow so I can see if somebody actually read this or not.

Well, I hope I can meet someone worth having friendship here. That’s why you have blogs, right? Am I doing this right? Please tell if you have violent reactions, comments and no suggestions, I wouldn’t follow it anyway.


Blog it all away!


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11 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. Good luck with blog. I was fairly computer illiterate 4 years ago but learned how to draw and color my cartoons and post. I have met so many delightful people(with whom I now converse private email too) and my blog is an important part of my day. Actually several times a day.

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    1. Thank you Mister Agostino. Should I expect that I’m conversing with a Spanish-Decent? Agostino seems reflective to the word August -my birth month. 😀 And what do you use for your colorful cartoons? I used to work with Photoshop but got tired with it. Good thing you’re as strong as an ox when it comes to diligence. I easily tire myself sometimes. I hope I can converse with you thru emails too. I bet this blog of yours is likened to my Facebook, eating most time of my day. Thank you for making me smile. I hope I made you smile too. 🙂


  2. Blogging is the best way to show your thoughts, points of the world, and also make new friends who have the love with writting,too. I hope your blog, your posts will be more beautiful, have more and more valuable articles..
    Kathyy89, from VietNam 🙂

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    1. Thank you Kathy, this message is really heart-warming. And I do hope I’ll be able to provide more valuable articles in the future. Thanks for seeing the beauty in this one, I too, hope to see more of your Travel Articles as well. Eleven, from the Philippines.


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