The Feeling of Life

That time when you learn
Why friends don’t really care that much,
not because they don’t really care at all
but because they know you’re strong enough to take care of yourself.
That they see, they may actually need you more than you need of them.
Once a psychologist said: the strongest person cries the most.
This is I guess, because every time he is reminded of the slightest memory
of all the sufferings he’d been through
he doesn’t have anymore choice but to cry.
And that would mean you’re a survivor,
a very strong survivor.
Reality sees you as the epitome of irony.
If reality could speak it’d be sarcastic enough to ask why you’re still alive?
And this adds up to your resume as a person.
Another qualification of maturity, another step to future.
Thus, move forward. As they say, it’s the only path to take.
Yes. And but I say choose what path is worth taking for.
Do whatever makes you happy.
Tomorrow is a mystery,
such a very nice and beautiful mystery,
I will never know what you will be capable of doing.
So, cheers to tomorrow!
And pray that it may be so good not to provide you
all that you want in life but just enough.
Just enough.


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