A Moment With Anxiety


Recently, something terrible happened. A situation that no one will and would ever want for their loved one to suffer. And the only thing you would want to do is to know what’s happening, what happened, how is your loved one doing? I’ve always thought before why do people have to research and execute activities to gain knowledge and information about this world? What is all the complication for? They say it was for improvement towards success and for the overall growth of humanity. But one answer I have now is, is for us to feel assured that nothing bad will happen in the future. That everything is going to be okay, as long as we know. As I fondled with my own initiative to answer why such occurrence happens, the internet has provided me the assurance that my relatives has not given me since they weren’t able to communicate with me for unknown reasons earlier. Maybe they were so busy. But then later they explained that they all forgot their phones back at home, they were all at the Hospital now. And as for me, now for the time being, I searched for probable explanation of the situation, I read the explanation on my own, every word subtracted whatever anxiety I had towards every nervousness my own thoughts procreates. I was just  in the verge of full anxiety that my chest started to hurt, I feel like my muscles are crippling every fiber of connected tissue in my breast. Yet the words my thoughts processed as my sight jumped from one word to another, processing every information it connects me to assurance -it eases the tension encircling  inside of me. My heartbeat started to slow, my composure was easing back. The information I currently rely on makes me feel so safe and secured. The more you understand, that guarantees you confidence for the moment. Until you get the news firsthand and I was thankful to God everything was okay. Once my sister text me everything was fine now, I was fully aware that everything’s going to be okay. At least for now. Further tests are to be made by tomorrow. As we talked I couldn’t help it but cry. I’ve lost someone, we, my family lost someone so dear that everything changed. And I can’t afford another for now. I just can’t. So we do learn as we experience things, and sometimes we feel assured as we do.


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4 thoughts on “A Moment With Anxiety”

  1. Life challenge us terribly at time and anxiety is terrible to say the least. As we experience things in life I guess we move on the best way we can. I am glad your niece is okay.

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