Yes, I remember. I remember it all.

The scene is so clear it’s bringing the feelings with it. When the moon was clear and it shone all over the neon lit humble city of my home province. Engines rumbling slowly as I pace my way to the very first independent burger stall in the city. A store that sells nothing more but burgers. And it was something I could be proud of, nevertheless the thought of knowledge when I moved to a bigger metropolitan, in which the thought is surreal since I’ve never been on my own making ends meet feeding myself and living alone for three years now, since the time being.

My student has just taken a class with me. And I remember the feeling, when I used to walk the cemented grounds of my birth place in slippers, khakis and tees. The cold breeze of the night didn’t bother me at all. My mind was as dense as it could have become as the days kill the others. Contemplating on ‘what-ifs’ and ‘have-been’s, I took some paper bill and landed it on the counter. Gazing upon the prices, everything seems palpably affordable.

“Yes, sir. Ten minutes.” The staff answered. I normally ask for how much time they would take to prepare my food for me. I was heaving some yawn when I turned back front and nodded to the moon. I was sure my entity was under its power. For the past few nights, I’ve been panning to stray just to breathe for awhile. Maybe a year, yes.

The next few days was a hurricane of madness. Papa got another stroke and later then I found myself slouching at the front door. Thinking, endless thinking. I phone my friend and asked for help. He gladly accepted my woes. The next day I visited mama and my other siblings who were all scattered on the floor inside my father’s room. With all the bed sheets, pillows and warmers.

No tears broke when I finally decided to go away for awhile in the reason of employment. This is the decision that until now, I don’t know how to deal with.

Life really hit me hard. I can’t end this article with something worth to bother. Let me leave you with a thought myself brought from books read and articles scanned.

I had a dream once. But life came stole it all away.