A Plead; My Trepidation


I have lots of words to say to speak and to write
I want to go out and shout it all to the heavens above
I want to let Him know how hard it is to live without the willingness to survive
without the will to continue another minute of your life.
I want Him to know that I’m having a hard time breathing;
it’s difficult to come in terms with my everyday living.
This is too much to bear in me; inside it’s hurting like a halted bomb,
yet can not be restrained from exploding, for there is a threat of dying once you explode: that you may lose all your loved ones, once you go for the chance of letting go.
That you can’t control what may happen of what tomorrow will be like without you -leaving your family behind. It’s excruciating; inside it’s deeply hurting, It’s something not others can withstand, it’s something only you can experience, only you was given, only you have to deal with.
It may seem unfair but you hope that somebody understands. That someday you’ll find someone who can actually be with you. Someone or some people whom you can truly trust and care at the same time. Who can see through your feelings; the suffering; that genuine pain.
How easy it is to be others, what about me?
Can they be me?


This is the day
I fear the most
When I feel no love
no care, nothing,
nothing at all.
That my brother asked me
to meet my family,
sleep with them, again
since me leaving the nest.
All one in a single roof
Like what we used to, before.
Before when everything was okay
Before when life wasn’t that bad
Before when we were still fine,
Before when my father was still alive.
But now I fear that I doubt my love;
that I doubt myself, If I truly care
Has society eaten too much of me?
Where is that piece of me that was exciting?
That was motivating? Always happy?
Where was that me?
Now, see what I have become,
will I ever find peace?
Will I survive the torment of life?
How will I continue?
From here and now?


Thy Morning

I wake up seeing a beautiful blessing
Thy morning
Sweet damp puddle mirrors the thin blue skies from above,
stars of diamonds shine as the light touches the soft ground
Oh cold wind caresses the little warmth I have,
a weary soul
As I look at the horizon,
I see a promise of forever
Beaming lines of playful sunshine dancing on my skin
And I look up above
There’s the mighty sun hiding from patches of overshadowed green,
the leaves of a proud Talisay standing majestic and strong.
Then again, the wind breezes mobility opening the full bask of the welcoming sun
I closed my eyes and for a split second there was heaven
Air filled my lungs
My thoughts vanished
Memoirs from the past broke my face into a smile
Birds started singing, dogs lazying, fairy-like insects swarm here and there,
signaling my cue to move forward
I opened my eyes and stillness overpowered
I wished for time to stop
And prayed for eternity to come
So I proceed with life,
and hope that it may be so kind to bless me with content and tranquility like my stolen heaven just now
I see a promising future ahead and expect of an unknowing tomorrow
that it may not cease to provide knowledge, hope and love
A love that lasts forever and ever

The Feeling of Life

That time when you learn
Why friends don’t really care that much,
not because they don’t really care at all
but because they know you’re strong enough to take care of yourself.
That they see, they may actually need you more than you need of them.
Once a psychologist said: the strongest person cries the most.
This is I guess, because every time he is reminded of the slightest memory
of all the sufferings he’d been through
he doesn’t have anymore choice but to cry.
And that would mean you’re a survivor,
a very strong survivor.
Reality sees you as the epitome of irony.
If reality could speak it’d be sarcastic enough to ask why you’re still alive?
And this adds up to your resume as a person.
Another qualification of maturity, another step to future.
Thus, move forward. As they say, it’s the only path to take.
Yes. And but I say choose what path is worth taking for.
Do whatever makes you happy.
Tomorrow is a mystery,
such a very nice and beautiful mystery,
I will never know what you will be capable of doing.
So, cheers to tomorrow!
And pray that it may be so good not to provide you
all that you want in life but just enough.
Just enough.