Seoulmate Cafe Davao


It was a good friend of mine, not even my food-buddies introduced Seoulmate to me, and despairingly I could remember –Seoul?! As in like sa Korea? YEEHHEEESSSHHHH… with a little bit of exasperation left from the core in tolerance of my innocent act she had. Seoulmate Cafe, it’s about to open and we should be there.


And it was Sunday evening around 11:00 PM, I was on my way to grab some burger & fries for a midnight snack and strangely quiet it may seem but yet as always that JP Laurel Avenue fronting Jollibee Bajada was indifferently surprising tonight and the newly opened Seoulmate Cafe was shining vibrantly over my belittled entity. Ah! This is what she was talking about. But I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun of a newly opened haven of food and beverage alone.

So here comes payday and Monday it was too, we decided to visit the Korean Cafe. Despite being given half an hour before they close at midnight, the staff in-adamantly welcomed our piqued curiosity for additional food porn photos for our beloved Instagram and Facebook. No extra embellishments, no living flora, no noisy sleaze; a small haven of modern Korean architecture of radiant alabaster of the greater part and spotless in sensation it was this element that made me like Seoulmate Cafe more.

Wi-Fi is almost at First-World speed, service is at its best quality. It’s paradoxical enough to stare at the cafe’s internal design that it’s actually small and big at the same time. The feeling of comfort-ability was one11162065_702264293253065_1046820136017846547_o thing to look on, and the cozy obeisance of the night folded well with the cafe’s undeniably peculiar retreat. To those who love to feel at home while slurping smoothies or cuppas you can always escape to this nice blend of eccentric small sectional sofa beds with tables on top: your own publicly territorial nook of rest and comfort.

I asked for a simple Ham and Cheese with fries, and it was delightfully tasty for a considerable price. The best thing they can boast of was their Mint Icecinno Beverage -on top of its mug glass filled smoothie was Cotton Candy, wrapping cloud-like its thick straw considering the sweetness of its complementary flavors -something like you can luxuriate every time with your frequent card. Yes, they’re giving away free frequent cards where you get stamps every time you visit the place and soon to be rewarded with a mug of love on your fifteenth.

Beverages are here and everywhere -from espressos to smoothies, coffees and teas. Western and Filipino dishes are also available as shown through the photos below.

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The cafe opens 10AM and closes 12AM Mondays to Sundays. It’s complete location address is J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, Davao del Sur fronting Jollibee Bajada beside D’Leonor Hotel Complex.

Seoulmate Cafe keeps you updated with the latest trends of Coffee Bars and Cafe in the Philippines, it’s a pleasure to be one of the first to visit the newly opened refuge for drinks-lover like me, and Korean fanatics too. I’m not one for sure but this started on me liking Korea this time. How adorably enticing it is go back for another meal of good food and Korean dining treat.

Food: 5.0
Price: 4.5
Place: 5.0
Service: 5.0

Overall Rating: Excellent