Spacing Out

Sigh and lie
lie-down and cry
stop and think
but never blink
this pause of a lifetime
is a moment of bliss.
And if you may see
pain in your eyes
let it pass
let it dry.
For a moment well cried
is a moment to treasure
Weep once, heave high
but never twice
nor never thrice.


Cinderella’s Courage and Kindness

So it was typically what the movie wants to tell -to have Courage and be Kind, and a little bit of magic too! And everything went properly the way we expect it to be.

Though I kind of forgot how the usual Cinderelly Welly Story goes as it usually does, a princess to a father yet a peasant to her step-mother, who wants to be called Madame with not so witty definitely stupid two step sissies.

I actually laughed, cried, and unexpectedly amazed with how they incorporated every bit of what modernity we have to an old story classic movie. The actress brought charm, joy and both courage and kindness properly, though I was constantly bothered by how big the prince’s todger was and I kind of had my eyes locked unto it every time I see him wear those white fitted old European style chinos or pants. I won’t bother Googling how you call it, I mean what I want to say is the movie’s for kids, and young at hearts too like me, they didn’t really want to remind me that I’m suppose to get old and not enjoy the feeling of being young again, do they?

And Cinderella kept on biting her lower lip too. She didn’t do that when she was animated, did she? I believe those were some flaws they need to reconsider, I wanted to concentrate on the story that will usually bring out the young golden days of my life and that’s when I used to enjoy fairy tale movies. Every second will make you slow your breath down and you’ll be so into the movie that you’ll actually forget you have a life to live. Or should I be alarmed that society has inflicted the best Green Jokes I could ever think of?

The movie ended with a marriage and it was as it is, happily ever after. I know Disney’s producers are trying to relive the days of before, and they’re doing a very good job. I never really expected that much out of this movie but they were able to satisfy what you should expect of A Movie. It’s just a movie and that’s it, that’s all what I can say about it. But I can’t take it off my mind that they did the movie just like as if submitting a requirement to pass school.

Maybe I wasn’t just in the mood to watch a movie since I ate brunch while watching it. I hope I’m being kind in my contention since I do have enough courage to express it this time. I love it, or more like I like it. I didn’t hear the smiles of movie-goers once the credits were played, I smiled though since the Best Story for a princess in the world just ended right on in front of my face. It was a whole new experience, but I wasn’t able to reminisce anything from my childhood. Maybe I guess the director wanted to make a whole kind of different experience for the youth born from the 90’s. I never expected something, what I feel right now is that I want to have more. I wished they could have done more, it’s my greatest story ever told and it was just as that, no epilogue, no future someday or what, it was just Cinderella, simple, kind and innocently young.

But it was well enough for me not to forget what it wants to tell, don’t worry Cinderella, I’ll have both Kindness and Courage in life, no matter what it becomes of me.


Okay, so I really don’t know how to start this. I mean, hearsay as it is that blogging comes with money nowadays, really? Well, how?

Actually, I’m not into the bucks and greens. I’m here to write something about how I think of how I should live my life. If you disagree, well, can you point me someone who knows how to live life?

Well, that’s what I’ve thought so too. Anyway, eight unproductive years ago I’ve seen this novice blogger linked from a friend’s friendster account and I’ve gone fancy about it since the blogger wrote on things about his life and I, as a natural human being, was envious to try one.

But then again, I was poor. My parents were too, so I never got the luxury to come back home from school and flip-open a laptop nor press an AVR to discover the realms beyond the Internet. I only got to ask for a few pennies and travel downtown then rent a computer from a Net Cafe in order to use one and be frenzied by the Net, the scams, the “You’ve won blah blah blah” and everything under almost anything at all. As it usually goes here on developing countries.

Like friendster (may it rest in peace), I would have wanted a blog that can be customized to your heart’s content. Change the layout, background, color, text colors, add photos and everything else you can experiment in and out and poof you are then happy!

I never had the problem with how to comprehend how the Internet works, you just go ahead and click whatever you can and as long as the monitor didn’t shut out or turned black then I guess I’m doing it all just perfectly fine.

Now, life came in between from then and now, I got busy for a few years and but now, oh no, you’re wrong, I’m not filthy rich, but the thing is at least now, I have the luxury to fulfill my long lost broken dreams of yesterdays (puke): to create my own blog and hope that the world doesn’t end tomorrow so I can see if somebody actually read this or not.

Well, I hope I can meet someone worth having friendship here. That’s why you have blogs, right? Am I doing this right? Please tell if you have violent reactions, comments and no suggestions, I wouldn’t follow it anyway.


Blog it all away!