Cafe 52 Restaurant Davao

So we recently visited this Café and Restaurant and I was dazzled by the atmosphere of the newly found place with three of my best food buddies.


We usually end work at around eleven and Fridays aren’t the best days for our bank accounts too, well, just saying. We were starving, almost getting broke and but yet still willing to cut off some bucks to add some photos to our Facebook walls before we go to sleep. I mean, when you’re limited in life you tend to want more, give up the shackles and feast the bounty of a week-long hard work at a Korean Resto, yet eat western style Hawaiian Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese Overload! Yes, I love Pizzas. I never even tried to shuffle the menu furthermore because the place was getting better as you stare at it all the more.

My friend, as Asian as she is, got Kimbap for her late evening snack and the other was Chicken Cutlet, which then tasted as savoring as you munch it the second, the third and the more munch times as you can. T’was definitely yummy.

As we waited for our food, we took a million shots with all our faces, it was a built-in photo studio of all style and razzle-dazzle. But I’ll be showing you some shots I borrowed from their Facebook page Cafe 52 (thank you). And, the place is a complete runway too! You can show off your best pose anywhere you like, any niche and nook will help your beauty to be as acceptable as it can be, lol, you need not use camera 360 for this one trust me.

And yet like any other Restaurants, the food price ranges from about 50-350 per course, depending on your meal. Their Ice Green Tea Matcha, was heaven, and 160 pesos per beer mug too; its design was intricately adorable. It was a bit pricey but it was surely soul uplifting at the same time. You would actually want to steal the mug once emptied. I tried that, but nah, XD. The staff service was amazing too, they had this call-for-service button or maybe I just don’t know what to call it, so if your table needs something or too lazy to get a table napkin or what, you can just press the buzzer and the food counter will announce a big resounding alarm that will mean you are too lazy to do something and yes it was savvy enough for me somehow in some ways. Lol.

Then my Pizza, or OUR pizza came, and the presentation of the overloaded cheese just melted all our hearts away, it was like every bit of scene you see in TV Commercials! We awed to its grandeur and beauty and lost our humanity we ate it by hands and stole the forks and knives away, nope, not actually. My fingers felt the soft crust and the aromatic cheese created a web of threads and it made me feel so special, I was about to cry.

We got bulging tummies by 12:30 and as Pinoys as we truly are left a slice of Pizza on the table, we couldn’t just handle another bite at all. We were full and paid almost a thousand peso bill and of course, stayed for awhile to spread the good word with smiling billion photos and satisfied stomachs online. The wifi connection was synonymous to The Flash, my friend uploaded more than thirty single photos in less than two minutes. It was heavenly satisfying to the core you need not to waste a single second. But yet as time as it is, we need can’t stay long and shouted our goodbyes.

And there’s an open mini-bar outside too, the usual drinking session you can have ending up at around 2AM. And the best thing is, the place is actually somewhere hidden in the heart of Davao, Torres Street fronting the left side of the Davao Wisdom Academy and at the back of Caltex Gas Station. Plaza de Bole, F. Torres St., Poblacion, Davao City, Davao del Sur is the exact address.





















PS: All photos aren’t mine all courtesy of Cafe 52 Cafe and Restaurant Davao 😀



Yes, I remember. I remember it all.

The scene is so clear it’s bringing the feelings with it. When the moon was clear and it shone all over the neon lit humble city of my home province. Engines rumbling slowly as I pace my way to the very first independent burger stall in the city. A store that sells nothing more but burgers. And it was something I could be proud of, nevertheless the thought of knowledge when I moved to a bigger metropolitan, in which the thought is surreal since I’ve never been on my own making ends meet feeding myself and living alone for three years now, since the time being.

My student has just taken a class with me. And I remember the feeling, when I used to walk the cemented grounds of my birth place in slippers, khakis and tees. The cold breeze of the night didn’t bother me at all. My mind was as dense as it could have become as the days kill the others. Contemplating on ‘what-ifs’ and ‘have-been’s, I took some paper bill and landed it on the counter. Gazing upon the prices, everything seems palpably affordable.

“Yes, sir. Ten minutes.” The staff answered. I normally ask for how much time they would take to prepare my food for me. I was heaving some yawn when I turned back front and nodded to the moon. I was sure my entity was under its power. For the past few nights, I’ve been panning to stray just to breathe for awhile. Maybe a year, yes.

The next few days was a hurricane of madness. Papa got another stroke and later then I found myself slouching at the front door. Thinking, endless thinking. I phone my friend and asked for help. He gladly accepted my woes. The next day I visited mama and my other siblings who were all scattered on the floor inside my father’s room. With all the bed sheets, pillows and warmers.

No tears broke when I finally decided to go away for awhile in the reason of employment. This is the decision that until now, I don’t know how to deal with.

Life really hit me hard. I can’t end this article with something worth to bother. Let me leave you with a thought myself brought from books read and articles scanned.

I had a dream once. But life came stole it all away.

The Feeling of Life

That time when you learn
Why friends don’t really care that much,
not because they don’t really care at all
but because they know you’re strong enough to take care of yourself.
That they see, they may actually need you more than you need of them.
Once a psychologist said: the strongest person cries the most.
This is I guess, because every time he is reminded of the slightest memory
of all the sufferings he’d been through
he doesn’t have anymore choice but to cry.
And that would mean you’re a survivor,
a very strong survivor.
Reality sees you as the epitome of irony.
If reality could speak it’d be sarcastic enough to ask why you’re still alive?
And this adds up to your resume as a person.
Another qualification of maturity, another step to future.
Thus, move forward. As they say, it’s the only path to take.
Yes. And but I say choose what path is worth taking for.
Do whatever makes you happy.
Tomorrow is a mystery,
such a very nice and beautiful mystery,
I will never know what you will be capable of doing.
So, cheers to tomorrow!
And pray that it may be so good not to provide you
all that you want in life but just enough.
Just enough.

Cinderella’s Courage and Kindness

So it was typically what the movie wants to tell -to have Courage and be Kind, and a little bit of magic too! And everything went properly the way we expect it to be.

Though I kind of forgot how the usual Cinderelly Welly Story goes as it usually does, a princess to a father yet a peasant to her step-mother, who wants to be called Madame with not so witty definitely stupid two step sissies.

I actually laughed, cried, and unexpectedly amazed with how they incorporated every bit of what modernity we have to an old story classic movie. The actress brought charm, joy and both courage and kindness properly, though I was constantly bothered by how big the prince’s todger was and I kind of had my eyes locked unto it every time I see him wear those white fitted old European style chinos or pants. I won’t bother Googling how you call it, I mean what I want to say is the movie’s for kids, and young at hearts too like me, they didn’t really want to remind me that I’m suppose to get old and not enjoy the feeling of being young again, do they?

And Cinderella kept on biting her lower lip too. She didn’t do that when she was animated, did she? I believe those were some flaws they need to reconsider, I wanted to concentrate on the story that will usually bring out the young golden days of my life and that’s when I used to enjoy fairy tale movies. Every second will make you slow your breath down and you’ll be so into the movie that you’ll actually forget you have a life to live. Or should I be alarmed that society has inflicted the best Green Jokes I could ever think of?

The movie ended with a marriage and it was as it is, happily ever after. I know Disney’s producers are trying to relive the days of before, and they’re doing a very good job. I never really expected that much out of this movie but they were able to satisfy what you should expect of A Movie. It’s just a movie and that’s it, that’s all what I can say about it. But I can’t take it off my mind that they did the movie just like as if submitting a requirement to pass school.

Maybe I wasn’t just in the mood to watch a movie since I ate brunch while watching it. I hope I’m being kind in my contention since I do have enough courage to express it this time. I love it, or more like I like it. I didn’t hear the smiles of movie-goers once the credits were played, I smiled though since the Best Story for a princess in the world just ended right on in front of my face. It was a whole new experience, but I wasn’t able to reminisce anything from my childhood. Maybe I guess the director wanted to make a whole kind of different experience for the youth born from the 90’s. I never expected something, what I feel right now is that I want to have more. I wished they could have done more, it’s my greatest story ever told and it was just as that, no epilogue, no future someday or what, it was just Cinderella, simple, kind and innocently young.

But it was well enough for me not to forget what it wants to tell, don’t worry Cinderella, I’ll have both Kindness and Courage in life, no matter what it becomes of me.


Okay, so I really don’t know how to start this. I mean, hearsay as it is that blogging comes with money nowadays, really? Well, how?

Actually, I’m not into the bucks and greens. I’m here to write something about how I think of how I should live my life. If you disagree, well, can you point me someone who knows how to live life?

Well, that’s what I’ve thought so too. Anyway, eight unproductive years ago I’ve seen this novice blogger linked from a friend’s friendster account and I’ve gone fancy about it since the blogger wrote on things about his life and I, as a natural human being, was envious to try one.

But then again, I was poor. My parents were too, so I never got the luxury to come back home from school and flip-open a laptop nor press an AVR to discover the realms beyond the Internet. I only got to ask for a few pennies and travel downtown then rent a computer from a Net Cafe in order to use one and be frenzied by the Net, the scams, the “You’ve won blah blah blah” and everything under almost anything at all. As it usually goes here on developing countries.

Like friendster (may it rest in peace), I would have wanted a blog that can be customized to your heart’s content. Change the layout, background, color, text colors, add photos and everything else you can experiment in and out and poof you are then happy!

I never had the problem with how to comprehend how the Internet works, you just go ahead and click whatever you can and as long as the monitor didn’t shut out or turned black then I guess I’m doing it all just perfectly fine.

Now, life came in between from then and now, I got busy for a few years and but now, oh no, you’re wrong, I’m not filthy rich, but the thing is at least now, I have the luxury to fulfill my long lost broken dreams of yesterdays (puke): to create my own blog and hope that the world doesn’t end tomorrow so I can see if somebody actually read this or not.

Well, I hope I can meet someone worth having friendship here. That’s why you have blogs, right? Am I doing this right? Please tell if you have violent reactions, comments and no suggestions, I wouldn’t follow it anyway.


Blog it all away!