Thy Morning

I wake up seeing a beautiful blessing
Thy morning
Sweet damp puddle mirrors the thin blue skies from above,
stars of diamonds shine as the light touches the soft ground
Oh cold wind caresses the little warmth I have,
a weary soul
As I look at the horizon,
I see a promise of forever
Beaming lines of playful sunshine dancing on my skin
And I look up above
There’s the mighty sun hiding from patches of overshadowed green,
the leaves of a proud Talisay standing majestic and strong.
Then again, the wind breezes mobility opening the full bask of the welcoming sun
I closed my eyes and for a split second there was heaven
Air filled my lungs
My thoughts vanished
Memoirs from the past broke my face into a smile
Birds started singing, dogs lazying, fairy-like insects swarm here and there,
signaling my cue to move forward
I opened my eyes and stillness overpowered
I wished for time to stop
And prayed for eternity to come
So I proceed with life,
and hope that it may be so kind to bless me with content and tranquility like my stolen heaven just now
I see a promising future ahead and expect of an unknowing tomorrow
that it may not cease to provide knowledge, hope and love
A love that lasts forever and ever