Cafe 52 Restaurant Davao

So we recently visited this Café and Restaurant and I was dazzled by the atmosphere of the newly found place with three of my best food buddies.


We usually end work at around eleven and Fridays aren’t the best days for our bank accounts too, well, just saying. We were starving, almost getting broke and but yet still willing to cut off some bucks to add some photos to our Facebook walls before we go to sleep. I mean, when you’re limited in life you tend to want more, give up the shackles and feast the bounty of a week-long hard work at a Korean Resto, yet eat western style Hawaiian Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese Overload! Yes, I love Pizzas. I never even tried to shuffle the menu furthermore because the place was getting better as you stare at it all the more.

My friend, as Asian as she is, got Kimbap for her late evening snack and the other was Chicken Cutlet, which then tasted as savoring as you munch it the second, the third and the more munch times as you can. T’was definitely yummy.

As we waited for our food, we took a million shots with all our faces, it was a built-in photo studio of all style and razzle-dazzle. But I’ll be showing you some shots I borrowed from their Facebook page Cafe 52 (thank you). And, the place is a complete runway too! You can show off your best pose anywhere you like, any niche and nook will help your beauty to be as acceptable as it can be, lol, you need not use camera 360 for this one trust me.

And yet like any other Restaurants, the food price ranges from about 50-350 per course, depending on your meal. Their Ice Green Tea Matcha, was heaven, and 160 pesos per beer mug too; its design was intricately adorable. It was a bit pricey but it was surely soul uplifting at the same time. You would actually want to steal the mug once emptied. I tried that, but nah, XD. The staff service was amazing too, they had this call-for-service button or maybe I just don’t know what to call it, so if your table needs something or too lazy to get a table napkin or what, you can just press the buzzer and the food counter will announce a big resounding alarm that will mean you are too lazy to do something and yes it was savvy enough for me somehow in some ways. Lol.

Then my Pizza, or OUR pizza came, and the presentation of the overloaded cheese just melted all our hearts away, it was like every bit of scene you see in TV Commercials! We awed to its grandeur and beauty and lost our humanity we ate it by hands and stole the forks and knives away, nope, not actually. My fingers felt the soft crust and the aromatic cheese created a web of threads and it made me feel so special, I was about to cry.

We got bulging tummies by 12:30 and as Pinoys as we truly are left a slice of Pizza on the table, we couldn’t just handle another bite at all. We were full and paid almost a thousand peso bill and of course, stayed for awhile to spread the good word with smiling billion photos and satisfied stomachs online. The wifi connection was synonymous to The Flash, my friend uploaded more than thirty single photos in less than two minutes. It was heavenly satisfying to the core you need not to waste a single second. But yet as time as it is, we need can’t stay long and shouted our goodbyes.

And there’s an open mini-bar outside too, the usual drinking session you can have ending up at around 2AM. And the best thing is, the place is actually somewhere hidden in the heart of Davao, Torres Street fronting the left side of the Davao Wisdom Academy and at the back of Caltex Gas Station. Plaza de Bole, F. Torres St., Poblacion, Davao City, Davao del Sur is the exact address.





















PS: All photos aren’t mine all courtesy of Cafe 52 Cafe and Restaurant Davao 😀