Crazy Wraps Davao

Well, define Crazy?
It seems like my food-buddies can undeniably discern crazy as an adjective towards food against a noun as insensible for it wasn’t surely just us being fond about trying out another food shoppe called Crazy Wraps.


This one’s not even new to Davaoeños. I used to rent a flat in the same block before its coming a year ago and long did I want to visit. This time I was with the whole company and we were up and crazy ready to find out what was in store for us all. The place was cunningly saturated to the eye. I didn’t know heavy cool hues such as violet, green and blue can be accentuated with light earthly tones of peach and varied tinct white. The owner’s synthesis should claim its architectural glory -stylish, modern and alive. Different niches of its own ambience sets your mood bringing out the best in you in every way possible.

Their food is well deserved with good compliments. A different blend of modern Filipino food wraps inside are crazily delicious comestibles. Beef, chicken, chips, and guess what? –Dinuguan with a cup of rice. A popular Pinoy stew dish made of pig’s blood, meat and chili spice. Oooohhh, crazy, right? Take it from me, it was superb, real salivating and savoring to your craving hungry stomach.

In a few minutes, a few dozens of phone apps were updated successfully in one sitting. I recommend you enjoy network socializing with friends until 1AM in here. The staff extended their own just for us, real nice and kind gestures, that’s a five point five for the service.

We came in numbers and the peaceful midnight turned into a fiesta of sweet palaver and humble gossip. We were all abuzz here and there and every where each one perambulated every huddle in four different boundaries. Fervently delighted we owned the shop thinking the night was still young. We offered silence no chance to interrupt our own sweet time, and we liked every minute of our freedom.

It’s located at Tionko Avenue near Torres Street, Davao City Davao del Sur. It’s open 8AM to 1AM Mondays to Saturdays, and Sundays, it’s open around 11AM until midnight.

PS. These photos are mine and I didn’t want to lose all the fun taking too much time capturing moments of fun without me in it, so, these aren’t the best yet I still hope you will find it satisfying. 😀