Balik Bukid Davao


It is so conveniently satisfying that Friday’s a holiday! And so visiting a local restaurant calls for a lot of pleasure and fun with my food-buddies around to celebrate the glory of festive meals strike noon at lunch in Balik Bukid Farm Restaurant in Quimpo Boulevard Davao City.

It’s purely native in its approach, definitely in rural fashion and country home style. Twigs of woven bamboo crafts, chairs made of colorful re-utilized interlaced materials and baskets of intertwined thin bamboo skin strips hanging from the ceiling enclosing lights and bulbs highlighting this deciduous effect in situ welcomes you to the atmosphere of reminiscent farm meadows and easiness of life in a countryside.

Of course, it’s not modern, it’s completely traditional in receptivity. You can’t see flashing phones and technology of any sort inside. All you get are the smiles and gaiety entourage of customers enjoying their own share of love by exquisite Filipino cuisines.

Let’s start with my heavy salad dressing with mozzarella cheese, meat chunks and strips that its purposely vegan dressing overcrowds the carnivorous chills inside of you that I should be able to tell you its combination is desirably appropriate for my diet and with a seemingly peculiar yet tasty sauce partnered with a bowl of rice in the color of the sun! Yes, it’s yellow rice! But this one is not genetically modified, it’s added with turmeric and bell pepper cooked in butter, oh how buttery delicious it is. Have you heard of blue rice? Yep, for once I thought it was made of ice. But no it’s not and yes they prepared it for us too! Kaning Asul cooked in Blue Ternate with a dice of love and whole lot of healthy antioxidant benefits! Healthilly Wonderful!

Jenny got Chicken wings bathing in tasty barbecue sauce, and a pair of triplets in alternate -quail eggs con sliced native tomato in a cute presentation so adorable integration of spherical food porn. Jackie was served with two pairs of different sea food types Imbao Shells, Shrimps and cubes of Malasugue in creamy savoring relish, this one’s to die for. And Miranda ate a whole new approach to the very well known Biikstek smoldered with tangy delectable sauce and round slices of sweet onion rings in a bowl.

The afternoon heat had us craving for something cold and sweet. A dessert was all we need, and they too, with their homemade ice cream prepared three homemade Tablea Ice Cream scoops with chocolate syrup bounded in Tulle in a mouth-relishing explosion!

Five thumbs up for this chemical-free organically grown vegetables from their very own organic farm!

It opens 11AM to 11PM Mondays to Saturdays and 5PM to 10PM in Sundays. Its complete address is Quimpo Boulevard, Matina, Davao City.





















PS: And I’m so happy to say that all these photos are taken by me. And credits to the owner Miss Jackie with Jenny and Miranda! 😀