Yang-ae and His Baby Chicks

Yang-ae was a boy who grew up in a suburban near the city. He had known buildings and cars all his life. But one special day, he met a chicken. His grandmother lives from a farm over the hills south the city, and brought with her a white golden feathered native chicken.

Yang-ae was curious about the chicken. His father decided to set the chicken aside for tomorrow’s dinner. For tonight he is tired and so are his wife and the boy’s grandmother. Mr. Burrow placed the chicken on a basket with used clothing and had it rest for the night. Yang-ae slept with a jilted smile.

The morning came Yang-ae woke up. He scuttled downstairs to see the chicken. It was odd for the bird was quiet and only sitting. The boy tried to touch it but the chicken rumbled and became angry. Yang-ae became frightened.

“Dad! Dad!” shouted the boy while fearing. His father took the chicken with his two hands and just as he was about to lift it high up, they saw an egg!

“Oh blimey, what do we have in here!” his father seemed a wee bit shocked.
“An egg! An egg! A small white egg!” Yang-ae shouted with excitement and surprise. He had never seen a chicken laid an egg before! Mr. Burrow took the basket and placed the chicken in it.

He carried the basket and went outside. He tethered the chicken’s left leg with a small rope in an old empty rusty dog house. “We’re gonna keep the chicken and have it lay more eggs!” His father said with a smile. Yang-ae was so happy, he got to have a chicken in the backyard laying eggs! He can’t wait to share about it with his friends at school.

Every day before and after school, Yang-ae would visit the chicken and feed it with corn grains. After some days, the chicken grew fond of Yang-ae as he grew more caring. At times, Yang-ae would pet the chicken’s head and the bird would nicely oblige without getting scary and mad!

The chicken stayed in its pen for so many days. It never moved nor even tried to flap its wings. But the boy kept on visiting and giving it some food and occasionally, even some toys to play with!

One Saturday morning, Mr. Burrow woke Yang-ae up and said, “Yang-ae wake-up, the chicken has hatched its eggs.” The boy’s eyes opened with joy and ran downstairs out to the backyard. Indeed! The chicken has hatched its eggs the night before! Six little furry yellow chicks were scampering everywhere in the green grass carpet on their own backyard.

“Oh, you don’t get too near the baby chicks Yang-ae, or you’ll be pecked and hurt by the mother.” Mom said. But surprisingly, the chicken walked to Yang-ae and looked at him! It’s as if the chicken was waiting for Yang-ae to give her something.

Yang-ae went back inside the house and took some corn grains and fed the chicken from his own bare hands! The chicken pecked the grains from his full hands a bit aggressively that tickled Yang-ae and made him laugh so hard. Yang-ae was very happy that the Chicken is now a mom with six cute baby chicks! His parents were so proud of him for taking good care of the Chicken and earning its trust.

Then Yang-ae got an idea. He went back inside the house and got his Apple Tablet and took a photo with one chick on his hand and the rest with the mother chicken at the back. He uploaded it to Instagram with the hashtag #YangaeAndHisBabyChicks. And Yang-ae was loved by different IG Users around the world. The end.

Thank you for reading guys. I hope it was worth the read and laugh.